Board of Governors


2018 Figawi Board of Governors

Chris Kelsey, Mike Murphy, J. David Crawford (past Chairman and current Treasurer), Donna Nightingale (Vice Chairman), Tony Prizzi, Bob Haag, Milton Salazar, Leo Fein (past Chairman)

Missing: Chris Standish (Chairman) Andrew Nugnes, John Osmond, Russ Wilkins (Clerk)

2019 board

2019 Figawi Board of Governors

John Osmond, Mike Murphy, Shelley Hill (Executive Director), Donna Nightingale (Vice-Chairman), Chris Kelsey, Russ Wilkins (Clerk), Tony Prizzi, J. David Crawford (past Chairman, current Treasurer), Leo Fein (past Chairman), Chris Standish (Chairman)

Missing: Andrew Nugnes, Bob Haag, Milton Salazar