Instructions for entering your boat in the regatta:

  1. Register through Yacht Scoring
  2. Apply for your 2019 PHRF NE handicap
  3. Fill out form for a slip in Nantucket Boat Basin

Pretty simple.

FAQ from Captains:

How do I get additional bracelets? Log back into Yacht Scoring and order more. The cumulative number will be what the race admin puts in your registration packets. Bracelet sales will be shut off a week before the event so we can prepare the packets, not to worry, you can buy bracelets at registration.

Do I need a 2019 PHRF NE handicap if I got one last year? Yes. A 2019 PHRF NE handicap is required. It is easy to get one. Go to PHFRNE.ORG and apply. They will update the online database once your handicap has been issued and then race admin will use that info to populate the scratch sheets. NOTE: Figawi doesn’t accept PHRF NB (Narraganset Bay) because we are just trying to keep all boats compared in the same system.

Will I be on the scratch sheets if I don’t get my PHRF NE handicap by the deadline? Unfortunately you will NOT be on the scratch sheets. What this means is, you cannot participate or be given a finish place in the race. There are also no refunds. Figawi will make an attempt to chase down those PHRF’s that we have not seen updated on the database, but try not to waste our time, we could be doing so many other cool things for our participants!

Is the fee for a slip in Nantucket Boat Basin included in the entry fee? The answer is no. Figawi and NBB have a partnership during Memorial Day Weekend so Figawi entrants get a break on the usual slip fee per foot. However, Figawi does not collect that payment for NBB. Entrants that want a slip must fill out the specific Figawi/NBB form found above and at Fill out the form, send it to NBB with payment.

What if I don’t want a slip at Nantucket Boat Basin during Memorial Day Weekend? Well, that’s ok. Keep in mind, most of the camaraderie does take place on the docks. But if you would like peace and quiet, you are welcome to contact Nantucket Moorings and arrange for a mooring. 508-228-4472